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Oct 11th, 2019 - Album Release Announcement

Sit yerselves down and strap yerselves in! Two Too Many will be blowing the doors off the Q-Factory in Amsterdam on Saturday 30th November for our Debut Album Release show!

The album is on its way and to celebrate its imminent arrival we will be playing an exclusive, one-night only show at the Q. Get yerself there!

Tickets are on sale now at €9 and are available from reputable and disreputable folk alike.

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Oct 1st, 2019 - Two Too Many sign with Profane Records

Two Too Many are delighted to announce their signing of a record deal with Profane Records!

We are very excited to get working with Profane who will be guiding and assisting us with the launch of our debut album in the coming weeks. Watch this space!



Sep 8th, 2019 - Album Update & Show

The songs are down and the mixing is done. In a few weeks we will be mastered and, shortly after that with the album’s release, we will be the Two Too Many we always dreamed of!

Two Too Many: The Album is nearly upon us. This is it. Don’t get scared now.


On November 10th we are in Maloe Melo supporting an excellent bunch of lads, Power Solo. Come check us out!